Ongoing training and support from your experienced Red Bean Franchise Development Manager (FDM) ensures joining the Red Bean community will be smooth and enjoyable process.

A comprehensive, two week programme at the beginning of your Red Bean franchise plays a vital part in setting up your new business.

Your FDM will share new skills and an efficient way of working, making these few weeks both rewarding for yourself and profitable for your business in years to come.

The programme includes:

1. Four days of classroom sessions, incorporating:

  • Professional-level barista workshop
  • Safe food handling certification
  • Presentation of the Red Bean operation and brand manuals
  • Launch stock pack
  • Launch promotional pack
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Customer service training
  • Business management training

2. One week of business launch support from your dedicated FDM

3. Four more days of ‘on the job coaching’ in the first three weeks focusing specifically on business development to ensure your Red Bean franchise gets off to a flying start

Ongoing support

Once the initial training is complete, you’re not just left to fend for yourself. Your FDM will make regular phone calls to discuss progress and help you solve any difficulties. And of course, don’t just wait for them to call you - they are always on the end of the line should you need assistance.

You will meet with your FDM quarterly to document your success, implement improvements and discuss business growth opportunities.

Local Marketing drives growth 

Franchise Partners are supplied with a marketing tool kit to help grow their local business, while also being supported by Red Bean’s overarching marketing strategy.
The Red Bean team is always in touch with property owners and managing agents across the country, looking out for new opportunities to expand your business.

We will regularly organise for Red Bean franchisees to get together and discuss their experiences, swap best practice techniques and exchange ideas. These will comprise of workshops and meetings.