1. Building Communication 

  • e-Newsletter - design and draft an e-newsletter, sent out by the businesses/building managers to all staff - to include info on the new facility (prices maybe?) as well as information on the Red Bean brand
  • Posters/flyers - design posters/flyers that will be put up around the offices/building in advance of opening
  • 2 weeks out and 1 week out countdown to opening messaging via emails, social and a banner, or poster or sign outside...
  • Messaging on offering, opening times, outline of menu to reinforce the above
  • At-desk food/coffee sampling - close to the opening get staff to do desk drops around the offices/building with free samples of coffee and food handed out
  • Competition - set up a launch competition to be communicated across the above to win XXX for the first month of opening
  • Sampling - give away free shots along with a ‘Coming Soon’ flyer to staff as they come into the building in the morning
  • Business card draw - have a large coffee cup post box created and run a business card competition to allow us to build the database
  • Complimentary ‘keep cup’ for first 50 customers.  We can drive some good pre-opening awareness on social media with this.
  • Happy Hour 10-11am for the first 6 weeks  ‘241’ (we had some good results in the summer in Newcastle with this)
  • Apex-  Given proximity to the station I think we need to be aggressive with our breakfast offering. Every unit in the station is doing some kind of offer, I know for certain WCPco are doing close to 200 deals a morning! Suggest a bacon/sausage roll with a hot drink deal £4
  • We could do some tastings around different buildings week before opening with our temporary unit say 8 till 10am as people come in, day in each reception area of buildings around us in Lawnswood…if Apex this could be on different floors of offices if possible etc
  • Lawnswood - Given Leeds is potentially going to be a key city for us we need to consider some kind of community support.  Not sure what that should be. Could be supporting a local kids football team, getting our food waste collected on a Friday by one of the local homeless charities for distribution
  • In Lawnswood being a Yorkshire company and new brand can we get Yorkshire Post/radio leeds publicity as well…great for brand if we are targeting leeds
  • Opening offer – loyalty cards distributed to each building by the opening team 1-2 days before – enough for one per person.  The first time they purchase something and show the card, redeems them a half price drink, plus they get the card stamped.  Q – do we print a special loyalty card explaining this for openings?  IE on one side it explains the opening offer, and on the other it is regular loyalty?
  • Loyalty cards must have space for collection of emails – emails must be entered into ‘mailchimp’ or excel listing each week.
  • Email weekly from the unit to all on the list as well as social media support of offers?
  • Ought to have a first 6 weeks program of simple, easy, offers to tempt people in (Phil?)
  • Some activity to get names and contacts for all pa’s secretaries who book meetings…so we can contact them and visit them to explain our offering, take some samples freebies for them

2. Social Media

  • Facebook page - create location page under the Red Bean brand (also ensure page is on website)
    Staff training - train staff on what we need (images, stories etc)
  • Paid promotion - promote the page by specifically targeting employees of the company with paid for advertisements (boost £10 for instance)
  • Local area - target (non-paid for using hashtags) posts at the wider region to increase awareness of the brand
  • Themed local drinks/snacks - eg for Newcastle: announce ourselves by running a ‘Geordie Food & Drink’ competition targeted at the local area, asking them to pick a famous Geordie to name a signature drink our food after. We then get people to vote to choose their favourite.
  • Remember - don’t be a company, be human
  • Consistently post and share online
  • Become the coffee expert
  • Ask customers to leave feedback after a great experience
  • Share positive reviews from other customers
  • Ask customers to leave review after logging into wifi
  • Give discounts for posting on social media

3. Public Relations

  • Local - team up with building manager's PR team to talk about the new launch, focussing on HR benefits as well as what the Red Bean brand stands for
  • National - use the launch in conjunction with other recently launched locations to create a bigger news piece looking at the growth and success of Red Bean. This would be targeted at national cafe, franchise and business press

4. Events

  • Do a soft opening - Doing a soft opening of a coffee shop before the grand opening is a good idea for several reasons. First, it gives a new staff time to learn with real customers in the store. Second, a shop can host local groups for events leading up to opening which will generate buzz around the community.

  • During the soft opening, try to host as many events at the venue as possible to attract different people.

  • Launch - stage a launch event at the location with discount drinks, grand opening and an element of entertainment. This is designed to demonstrate that Red Bean is more than your usual workplace catering outlet.
  • Ongoing - ensure the venue plays a key part in related events throughout the year by developing an ongoing calendar (which can be centrally managed by SP) looking at things like ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’, ‘National Baking Week’ and ‘National Coffee Day’
  • Litter picking – great way to engage the offices and give them a sense of community.  We organise a litter picking session around the business park or any near by hot spots, encourage customers and office workers to get involved.  We provide bags and grabbers and then get anyone participating back to the unit for a complimentary coffee & cake.  Could be done in week 6.
  • Plan a “open evening” at the end of the first 4 weeks, where we invite people from the park to come and learn more about coffee – get Darkwoods to do a tasting and latte art insight evening, etc, etc.
  • maybe we could make the learn barista skills style evening with Dark Wood a 1/4ly thing, different theme each time over first 12 months for main units say 5 till 6.30 ish post work

5. Other

  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Offer free drinks for other business's recommendations
  • Make the customer happy
  • Reach out to the key targets within business's - the office managers, the PA's
  • Listen to recommendations from customers
  • Conduct coffee classes at the venue
  • Host workshops at the venue
  • Support artistic causes
  • Set up pop-up within business offices if possible
  • Give out “Free Drink” coupons
  • Photo competitions