We endeavour to work with the best beans from the finest growing regions across the globe, ensuring that our blend delivers a consistent quality you will love.


This means we carefully select our roasting partner to ensure the values are a good match.  Working with Darkwood's coffee, who are also based in Yorkshire means we are working one of the premier coffee roasters in the UK with a righ heritage in the industry.  Damian and Paul from Darkwood's are equally as dedicated to delivering a gourmet coffee experience as we are, and they carefully select our coffee from sustainable locations all over the planet.  

Where our Red Bean Espresso blend is sourced from is just as important as the taste and aroma of your coffee - not to mention the espresso machine producing it.

Along with our roaster, we work hard to understand the specific origin of our beans and this means we only use coffee grown by farmers visited by the Head of Coffee at Darkwoods, so that we all know the farmer is being treated correctly. 
As coffee grounds are particularly good for acid-loving plants like tomatoes, roses, avocados, and some fruit trees, we also donate all our used coffee ground to local gardeners to use as fertiliser.
Our dedication to sustainability and the planet’s future doesn’t stop there, Red Bean offers a range of reusable cups for customers that want to help reduce the number of takeaway cups in use.

We support UK coffee week, a charitable organisation supplying fresh drinking water to villages in the coffee growing regions of the world.

UK Coffee Week is a nationwide fundraising initiative where coffee operators, trade professionals and their customers join together to celebrate the vibrancy of British coffee culture while raising valuable funds for the communities which grow our coffee.

All funds raised during this week go directly to Project Waterfall, an initiative established to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities around the world.