Out with the old...

Out with the old...

In with the new!

A new coffee shop has opened in an area of Reading town centre which is usually known for being quiet and run down.

The Biscuit Tin is part of the new events space at Station Hill, opposite the main rail station entrance.

It is intended to bring back life to the area in front of Reading Station following the demolition of the old offices and shops. The Biscuit Tin has been named to reflect Reading’s’ industrial heritage and it sits in the temporary events space at Stanhope’s Station Hill development. Next to it is The Village, a pop-up events area.

A team of baristas, managed by Red Bean Coffee, were serving coffee on Monday, June 20, when mayor Councilor Mohammed Ayub and deputy leader of Reading Borough Council Cllr Tony Page went along.

They met Nick Hiles, asset management director of developers Stanhope, at the official opening, and Tim Shaw the manager of the Red Bean site.

The Biscuit Tin offers breakfast, lunch and a selection of locally-sourced sweet treats and mezze boards throughout the day. It also serves real ales and ciders brewed locally by West Berkshire Brewery and Tutts Clump Ciders.

The Village will have pop-up bars, street food, mini-golf and ping-pong as well as a huge outdoor screen showing Euro 2016 live. The Station Hill development will ultimately have 930,000 square feet of office space, alongside 150,000 square feet of shops and more than 450 homes, making it the largest mixed-use development of its kind in the South East.

It will have a public piazza at its heart and, at ground level, a mix of retail, dining and leisure uses will bring new life to a tired area of the town centre.