Red Bean Coffee has a range of design and build systems using an array of different materials and techniques, perfect whatever your space and budget restrictions. Our aim is to accommodate your needs so whether or not your idea fits one of the categories below, start the conversation today and learn what we can do for you.  

Communal areas in workplaces

Good workplaces are run by great people that enjoy time to relax and get away from the desk. Our state-of-the-art installations serve the best coffee, hot and cold drinks, food, and other treats of your choosing. They give you a relaxing haven for your workforce to recharge their batteries. Viability will depend on a number of factors including the number of people who are resident or close by and could visit, so get in touch to see if it would work for you.  However unique your space is, Red Bean can design a modular build that still has great aesthetics.

  • Preferably in the entrance to the building meaning convenient for all
  • Tailored design to fit your space
  • Premium equipment for a premium experience
  • Fully-managed by expert staff
  • Can be subsidised or run in conjunction with a loyalty scheme

Outdoor workplace locations

Installing Red Bean outside can mean a service shared between buildings and a great spot to chat and network, providing the perfect location to share ideas.  Coffee, hot chocolate, cold drinks and hot and cold food can all be enjoyed whatever the weather.


How about treating your shoppers to top quality refreshments and incorporating an artisan feel into your retail space? Red Bean Coffee will slip seamlessly in to your available location and keep your customers happy, increasing “dwell time” accordingly.

Destination Locations

Red Bean have had interest from some very exciting destination locations, and would like to discuss yours with you.  We can help you enhance your customers experience while visiting your location!

Transport Hubs

Train stations, bus stations, park ‘n’ rides…wherever it may be, a top quality drink or snack makes getting from A to B that little bit easier.
These high footfall destinations that require a quick and reliable service suit the Red Bean model down to the ground.
Red Bean Coffee is so versatile it can be shaped to fit almost any location. If you have something in mind that’s so unique even we haven’t thought of it, then we want to know about it. Get in touch today.