Intercept Day: Initial Top Line Findings

Tuesday 21st February 2017, Central Square Newcastle

Red Bean opening is eagerly awaited… there is excitement and desires to see the café re-opened. This will potentially mean you are incredibly busy from the outset, ensure staff ready and raring to go

A hot food offer is called for (even if for now this is simply Panini’s, toasties, soup).  In time a more serious hot food offer should be considered, as appetite for this exists (esp. cooler months of the year)

Coffee quality is important. Obviously the coffee has to be better than instant and in line with Costa/Nero/Starbucks… hot drink offer should include range/choice, some tea options/flavoured shots and hot chocolate etc.

Opportunity to piggy-back any seasonal events such Football, Wimbledon, Great North Run, Boat Race etc. and cold options, smoothies/ice-creams in summer months etc.

Snacks should include a good mix of ‘treats’ such as scones, cakes, buns etc. BUT… also consider healthier snacks such as fruit (healthy options are needed)

Breakfast offer should include simple things like toast, eggs, plus usual expected pastries etc. No requirement for a full English, but also offer healthier alternatives such as porridge pots, fruit compote etc. (Care not to rule out sausage/bacon sandwich promo/deal at times (not a full time option)

A huge catering opportunity exists in both the North/South buildings. This must be thought through and delivered ‘right’. Immediate needs stronger in the North building, with Arup quoting the usage of potentially 4-5 catered meetings on a daily basis. Opportunity to break into/introduce catered breakfast meetings too. Catering could also be an initial ‘break’ into the South building businesses, prior to their on-site coffee shop opening.

An opportunity to pre-order lunch might be an idea (esp. if going to be really busy in the opening weeks)

Fresh; Any quality cues such as freshly made, locally produced, responsibly sourced etc. are all important

Opening times must be open and ready to serve from 7/7:30 or 8am until 3.30-4.00 (2pm closing time is too early and you will miss the afternoon snacking opportunities)

Health; is very important and anything which satisfies this audience will go down well ie, salad bar, vegetarian options, free from options. Opportunity to give info about the food being served i.e. calorie counts (if feasible)

Marketing; via email flyers and not paper advertising, evidence of CSR policies in place, both buildings, which also means they want to see reduced packaging and food waste policy etc.

Subsidised hot drinks; Arup will be looking to negotiate a deal whereby their employees can have ‘relaxed’ meetings throughout the day in the atrium and sign for a coffee with a monthly paid bill/account by the company.  Expectation this will be around the £1 mark. Opportunity to address and arrange a meeting with senior staff at Arup asap. We have the necessary contact details to share for this.

Competition mainly comes from Chilli Pepper (located close by but outside the building).  Others using the railway station or town.  Evidence some are also taking their own lunch into work.

Atrium; A real mix of those who will sit and eat/drink in the atrium and those who want to take back to their desks.  Perception once Red Bean opens it will once again become a hive of activity/lively place with coffee smells etc. this all adds to the excitement and interest in the opening.

The South building will use the café in the North building less… this is too alien to them, however, they are desperate for the re-opening of their own coffee shop/café on-site convenience is key for workers in this building.