Great food to compliment our great coffee!

We aim to ensure that we offer food of a similar quality to our lovingly prepared hot drinks, and have sourced a combination of local products and some from leading national suppliers.

Whether you are looking for a 'sweet treat' to accompany your coffee, or a light lunch, breakfast, or something healthy you are sure to be able to find something to suit in our range.

Our ranges will differ slightly from location to location as a result of our desire to ensure we serve as much local produce as possible, and to meet the needs of each Red Bean environment as closely as possible.


The breads we use and the fillings we serve are always changing, according to season or location to keep things fresh and varied.  However we always ensure there is a variety of old favourites combined with some new tasty ideas.


A warm alternative, with a variety of fillings which can be ordered in advance in some locations.


Again this will vary across locations, but we are mostly able to serve porridge, pastries and warm sandwiches.

Wraps and Salads

An increasingly popular choice are our salads, wraps and fruit salads, which are always displayed in the fridge.

Sweet Treats

Muffins, cookies, flapjacks, brownies and even a very naughty caramel shortbread, as well as an assortment of pastries are usually on offer to satisfy that sweet tooth craving.