All of our coffees are created with love.

Our expertly trained baristas lovingly prepare every cup of coffee as though it is their last, ensuring the flavours, temperature, texture and finish are all at their best.

Coffee is our passion and we have discovered that a combination of the right beans, equipment, people and of course customers makes for a great recipe!

We are sure you will find a coffee to suit your taste buds but if you don't, then talk to your Red Bean barista who will be sure to be able to recommend something to suit you.

A double short black with extra hot water, served with or without milk - you choose.

Perhaps the world’s favourite style of espresso coffee, an Italian icon.

Close cousin of the cappuccino without the creamy head. This specialist drink is served with a double shot as standard.

Rich and distinctive, with more milk than a flat white.

MIXOLOGY (order one of our recommendations or design your own!)
A tempting twist to any standard drink adding a choice of flavours including Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla and many more.

A single shot of espresso blended with rich chocolate, an addictive combination.

An alternative to coffee, rich and smooth, the way drinking chocolate should be.

The undisputed king of coffees, rich and complex, for the true coffee connoisseur.

A single shot of rich espresso touched with a dash of textured milk.

An exotic blend of black tea, spices, cinnamon and milk.

Tea - because it will never stop being great.

Although we take our coffee very seriously we haven't forgotten about tea, and like to think we do this pretty well too. Try our breakfast tea, and ask about the various flavoured teas we have in stock. There is sure to be one for you!

Iced Drinks.

We know that you love an iced drink when the sun is out, and it isn't always about alcohol is it?  Ask one of our members of staff about our fantastic smoothies, iced coffees, or iced tea range, and we will be happy to make you something to cool you down.