Red bean coffee has a variety of ways in which you can become a business owner.

  • Have you got experience of business but not of the coffee industry?
  • Have you seen the rise in high street coffee providers and contemplated joining one of the fastest growing industries in the UK?
  • Would you enjoy serving a product customers really appreciate?
  • Do you understand and value great customer service?
  • Would you like to join a business where you can be on the front line and/or manage the business?

Red bean has a number of opportunities for you if you answered YES to the questions above – so please get in touch!

  • Red Bean provides opportunities for business entrepreneurs to provide  great coffee and food to people from our unique and specially designed kiosks.
  • Designed by industry experts with significant experience in the coffee industry, as well as the workplace, and retail building management industry, the Red Bean franchise model give you a lot of advantages.
  • We currently have locations in certain parts of the country ready to open, and if this fits your location we could look to move things along quicker.
  • Depending on the location, the income may be delivered over 5–7 days, and mostly hours would be within the 8-4 range, or less.

To find out more about Red Bean opportunities call us on 0113 232 0118 or click here to request more information.

The Red Bean Franchise package

Red Bean presents a flexible and exciting opportunity for you, as well as superb coffee for our customers, which is a great partnership!  

A Red Bean franchisee would receive the following from day one: 

  • Extensive training on all aspects of the business
  • State of the art equipment and kiosk design and build process
  • Supply chain of recommended suppliers for all core products
  • Start-up marketing & uniform package
  • Opening stock inventory
  • Competitive finance packages
  • Regular business development support
  • Assistance with identification and securing your location

Be searching for a location within 6 weeks

It is important that the decision to join Red Bean is the right one, and we will both need to be confident about that before taking the plunge! However we could be helping you look for a location (if we don’t already have one in your area) within 6 weeks if you want us to!

Here is how:


  1. Initial enquiry – we will email and phone you in response
  2. Ask and answer loads of questions!
  3. Complete some details about yourself and return to us
  4. Informal meeting (over a coffee) where we will take you through the opportunity in detail and get to know you a little
  5. You confirm interest to us, talk to our finance partners, and we send you a draft franchise agreement to review
  6. Formal Franchise Application submitted for approval by the Red Bean board
  7. Final meeting – discuss the business plan in more detail, your plans, your finance decisions. Deposit paid
  8. Formal franchise agreements prepared and executed
  9. Location finding process commences
  10. Franchisee completes formal pre-launch training
  11. Franchisee attends Red Bean Training Academy

A balance of lifestyle and business goals

The Red Bean business model is based on providing a great quality and convenient service to regular visitors to a given location. It would be possible to work full time your self or part time and employ people to cover the other hours. 

It would be possible for you to open a number of outlets in a geographical area if that is what you wanted to do.

No fees for a month!

Red Bean won’t collect weekly franchise fees for your first month. While you are starting out and takings are establishing themselves we won’t collect any franchise fees from you, until the start of the 2nd month of trading.

We will also be providing the following during this time:

  • A Franchise Development Manager (FDM) – a personal coach and mentor to help you get up and running in week one
  • A visit each week for the first 3 weeks and of course lots of phone contact
  • Despite this thorough launch support we fully expect you to give us a call whenever you need us, and let us help you make any decisions you are faced with.

To find out more about our ‘No fees for a month’ offer,  call us on 0113 232 0118 or click here to request more information.

Trading location

Together we will search for, identify, and agree on a location for your business.

We would like to work with franchisees who want to purchase a multi-location licence at the beginning, if you would like to discuss this then please ask at your meeting with us.

There are opportunities for Red Bean owners all over the UK and N.Ireland.

To find out more about our current opportunities call us on 0113 232 0118 or click here to request more information.