Red Bean Coffee was born to provide a gourmet coffee experience to vibrant workplaces and unique retail spots. It’s fresher than your high street chain with an artisan twist - suiting work locations, retail and destination locations in equal measure. 

Conceived by a blend of coffee experts and enthusiasts, Red Bean exists as a flexible model to deliver the very best product to the people who really deserve it.

Ten years of industry experience lead to two years of extensive market research, creating the brand you see today. Meetings, more meetings and plenty of cups of coffee with consumers, landlords, contract caterers and fellow industry experts have solidified the Red Bean dream into a reality with two locations open, and a detailed road map for the future.

The last 12 months has shown that Red Bean Coffee not only works in our heads, but in practice too. The process allowed our team to refine the brand’s culture and key values, focus on delivering the best product and develop essential franchise and operational materials.

Now the time has come for us to further our expansion and partner with like minded organisations, individuals and landlords, to show everyone else what they’ve been missing. Interested?